Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is a multi-component  therapy that guides individuals through a series of sleep-related behavioral changes. The CBT-I therapist assists in these changes and helps to target problematic cognitions and behaviors. Treatment is eight weekly sessions with significant improvement in sleep between weeks 4-6. You can make a referral by calling 260-823-8100.

     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also available for individuals who are having difficulty using the CPAP. Cognitive and behavioral interventions are used to address compliance. Compliance is usually addressed in 2-4 indiviudal session with a follow-up visit. 

     At this time we do not accept insurance. However, weekly sessions are usually the same amount or less than a co-pay.

CBT-I is recommended as standard, first-line treatment for insomnia per published clinical guidelines by the Chronic Insomnia Task Force of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (Schutte-Rodin et al., 2008, J of Clin Sleep Med, 4(5), 487-504).